We let you take a piece of Paradise home with you


RUM SAND & SEA LTD was conceptualised in late 2012 and incorporated in 2013 . Whilst in discussion about the various needs of the British Virgin Islands earlier in the year we identified that visitors to our shores are lacking a genuine opportunity to buy a product that is unique to the region. We visited a number of gift shops and vendors on the island and they were basically offering the same products that you could find at any beach destination in the world such as T-Shirts, Shot glasses and key rings. We decided that the tourists need to have more options in purchasing Caribbean made products rather than just "made in China" products. Our business aims to offer products that will ultimately enable our tourists to take home a genuine part of the Caribbean with them, but at the same time we are also able to supply some of the "must haves" in a Caribbean gift shop / boutique and are constantly adding to the items that we can supply.

We are wholesaling our products to a number of Caribbean Islands and are always looking for new retailers to supply to.

As a wholesaler we do not sell directly to the tourists, but rather through our network of local vendors and gift shops / boutiques. Our Rum, Sand and Sea product is produced in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and is exported all over the world. We also feature offer other products that are made in the BVI as well as from various other Caribbean Islands.

If you own or manage a gift shop in the Caribbean region then please be sure to contact us regarding our products, we would be happy to work with you.


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Team Rum Sand and Sea Ltd.